Could my life be a sitcom? by Lydia Ehmcke

Could my life be a sitcom? I don’t think so! There is not enough funny stuff in it. My life has been real and down to earth, mostly normal.
When I think back, some things seem a little out of the ordinary, but nevertheless seemed normal at the time. Somebody could probably make a good movie out of it, because a lot of interesting things happened throughout my long life. But a sitcom it was not.
I took life seriously, I worked hard. I have some interesting hobbies like weaving, knitting, crocheting, gardening, writing, just to name a few.
I took up gliding when I was young to please my boyfriend, but it was not my cup of tea. In fact it was downright scary. I took up driving in later years, because there was never any need for it. The driver’s license I made at the age of 70. Now I don’t really need a car, I can walk almost everywhere. Shopping is a problem though, but often friends offer help.
I am not traveling far away any more, staying close to home. I am trying to make my home comfortable and inviting. I like having friends in and love it when my family visits.
This is my life. It is not a sitcom, where people come and go and do funny or extraordinary things to make other people laugh or cry.
Let’s stick to real life. It might not always be entertaining, but it let’s me be me and I like it that way.


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