Warning Label by Lydia Ehmcke

Which label can one put on oneself to warn people?
I mentioned my concern to my children and asked them separately, which label should I put on myself? What do you think?
They both had an answer ready right away.
My daughter said: “Handle with care! On second thought, lubricate well!”
That showed me her sense of humour.
My son offered: “Use gentle cycle.”
What does that tell me? They don’t really treat me with kid gloves, but they think I should be treated gently and nice. How thoughtful!
Well, I guess they know what I need and try not to upset me. They know what I like and act accordingly.
My own ideas of warning labels would be:
“She gets upset about unfairness.”
“Cannot stand swear words or bad language.”
“Cannot tolerate lies or even fibs.”
“Does not like unfulfilled promises.”
“Does not suffer fools lightly.”
“Oh, just handle with care!”


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