There once was a Lady of Wisdom
Who sat in a tent with her cards
I shyly went in for predictions
And came out with doubt in this art

I sat there in anticipation
When slowly she took hold of my hand
She read all the lines she was seeing
Nothing sounded bad in the end

She told me that life in the future
Would be happy, healthy and long
I would have three beautiful children
And nothing would really go wrong

She predicted a trip o’er the ocean
The land would be far, far away
I would have to learn a new language
But would easily adapt and then stay

I took her prophecies lightly
I was young and newly engaged
I had not thought of my future
This way and was a little outraged

I could not believe what she told me
It was out of this world for sure
I had never thought of leaving
My loved ones or my country once more

But shortly before we got married
My Gerhard suggested a change
Let’s go and try out Canada
I thought this really was strange

He eventually got his wishes
We arrived here in ’54
We settled and had three children
And were happy as never before

It was years later I remembered
What the gypsy predicted for me
I really flew over the ocean
And made family history


Prophecies can come true

Lydia Ehmcke

November 2015