If I was so inclined I could write a book on the subject, but I will just write a little essay of things that come to mind at this moment.
Children are a parent’s gift from heaven. There is no greater joy, no greater awe, when after nine months of waiting a baby enters the world and it is all yours. Everything in the lives of two people changes forever. Now you are no more just a couple but a family.
The little bundle of joy is now the topic of every day’s conversation. There is something new to report almost every day and as the weeks and months go by there are lots of “Firsts” to record in the baby book: First smile, first tooth, first word, first haircut, first sentence, first day of school etc., etc.
I remember an incident that happened to our Mark on his first Christmas. The table was set festively, candles lit and the baby lying on his blanket on the table to be near us. We were eating dessert when all of a sudden the baby turned over for the first time and rolled right into the whipped cream. While we were laughing and Mark licking his lips I realized that this was another step in his development and that from now on we could not leave him lying alone on top of anything.
Before you know it the little ones goes to school and make you proud with their achievements. They become teenagers and finally leave home. You have had them so close to you for eighteen years and all at once everything changes. They move away and go to University. When that happened to our first one I felt very lonely and missed him terribly.
It took a few weeks to get over that feeling. When after a few years the others left, it was not quite as bad. I missed them too, but not with such intensity. We used the telephone a lot to communicate.
Well, lots of things happened in the lives of our children while they grew up and they stay in my memory. They grew into responsible adults and I am proud of them. They care about their mother as she has cared about them all her life.
My children, they are the best and I love them.
Lydia Ehmcke
February 2015
PS. I looked through their baby albums and could not believe how small they ones were.