A House in a Village

There was a house in a village near where we lived that was of great interest to me.
It was a big farmhouse with lots of property around it. I guess you could call it an estate.
When I was a child I did not mind the walk to the big house to buy some milk. This milk was richer than the milk we bought at the store. But the main reason I went there was that I was intrigued by it. It was called “Gut Drei Linden”, relating to the trees that grew around it. (“The three linden”)
My grandmother had told me the story of the big house and the tragic circumstances surrounding it.
I was always listening to her stories and this one began:
The owners had a beautiful young daughter who fell in love with the hired hand. He wanted to marry her when she got pregnant, but the parents did not allow it. Somehow he was not good enough for their daughter. I always felt sorry for the young girl who was in love with a young man she could not have. I was drawn to the place, because there were other reasons as well.
This young woman gave birth to a baby girl on January 16th 1860 and died in childbirth. Her parents did not want the baby, so the young father took her home to his parents where she grew up.
This special baby was my grandmother! Her name was Anna.
This house in a village could have been my heritage, had it not been for the unkind parents of my great-grandmother.
Lydia Ehmcke


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