Christmas 2014

When Christmas is here, it gets colder outside
And snowflakes are coming along
We are cozy and warm in our quarters at home
And are humming a festive song

When decorations go up in December
They bring with them a certain air
You feel like writing Christmas greetings
To loved ones and friends far and near

Some of the decorations are precious
Attached wit memories strong
Some of them are family heirlooms
And remind you of loved ones long gone

There are Christmas presents to think of
Surprises for big ones and small
Not just for family and dear ones
But for people who need help most of all

With snow on the ground and lit candles inside
We all get into a festive mood
There are concerts and Christmas Luncheon
And everybody feels friendly and good

Christmas makes us all feel warm inside
No matter what kind of weather is near
We gather together in friendship and love
And are happy to see you all here

This Christmas again we are thankful
For everything we have got
We enjoy the peace in this country
Which some other countries have not.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Lydia Ehmcke
December 2014