Recognition can mean different things
Greetings, Salutations, Notice, Admission, Awareness and Cognizance.
My story is simply about being recognized as a person. I do not expect it to happen, but when it occurs I feel quite happy about it.
I was working at the desk at Askennonia Senior Centre last Wednesday when two ladies came in, looked at me and said: “Oh, it’s you!” I wondered: “Is that good or bad?” I had no idea who they were, I thought I had not seen them before. They had lots of questions for me. One wanted to become a member, one was a member already and both wanted to know about the computer course. When all business was settled, I asked them how come they knew me. One lady said: “You are Lydia, I remember you from the Spring Fashion Show and the other one remembered me from the Historical Luncheon, when my video was first shown. She was fascinated with the story of my escape from my hometown Danzig to Denmark and then back to Germany and remembered every detail. I complimented her on her memory, it must have been three years ago when it was shown. I thought it was remarkable.
Two days later I went to a Gala at the MCC with friends from out of town. There I met Janet, one of the ladies from Wednesday. She greeted me like an old friend, looked me over and hugged me.
“Wait until I tell my sister about this. She just told me ‘Nobody gets dressed up anymore’ Boy is she wrong!” I laughed and enjoyed the compliment.
After intermission I got back into the hall for the concert, where Jody was the MC for the evening. I had barely sat down when Jody/Jamie recognized me in the front row. Jamie organizes our fashion shows and knows me well. It did not take long and he announced: Ah, there is my favourite fashion model. You must all come to Askennonia and see her. She walks like this” and he strutted daintily along the front of the stage. Everybody was laughing. Boy, was I recognized.
It was a little embarrassing at first, but then I could not wipe the smile off my face.
On the following Sunday I took a walk with friends through Little Lake Park when a car stopped and the driver called out “MUTTI” and waved me over. It was the daughter of a former neighbor and a friend of Victoria’s who wanted to talk to me. We held up the traffic and finally had to move on.
Next came along the Deputy Mayor and told the friends I was with, that I taught him German in Kindergarten and Grade one and two and he has to thank me that he still speaks it. He is a teacher at the local High school now. Was I proud? Just a little bit.
We had visitors from Germany with us who took it all in. They were amazed and said: “We can tell that this is your home town and you are well known!”
Recognition every where I went.
Just the other day at a Funeral Parlor somebody recognized me as “You are Lydia from Rolfoto!”
I used to work there thirty years ago and I had not seen this customer since. I must have made an impression and all I can say is: “It is nice to be recognized.”
Lydia Ehmcke



I remember the time when the children were small
It was a time when I thought I had it all
I wanted for nothing, well maybe a new dress
But money was scarce, so I couldn’t care less
Happiness was ours, excitement and joy
Three lovely children, obliging and coy
They gave us no trouble, they were really good kids
We enjoyed being with them and loved them to bits
In school they excelled, we took it for granted
The teachers convinced us, they really meant it
It made me feel good, I was doing things right
Looking after husband and children was a delight
Every day was different and interesting too
Some of their questions could have stunned even you
For instance, when one little one asked: “Tell me Mommy,
How did that baby get into your tummy?”
On Sundays we took them to a park or the zoo
Sometimes for a drive down a country lane too
To see cows and horses and birds sitting on wire
To see trees and wild flowers and never tire
It was a wonderful time, motherhood felt good
Life was embracing us, as we knew it would.
It’s good to look back and remember how once
I was surrounded by love, laughter and dance
The time was so precious, I will treasure it all
And be thankful for memories I can always recall.
Lydia Ehmcke
Nov. 2014