I am sitting here with nothing to do
Everything looks inviting
Nothing really happened to day
Yet I feel like writing

Everything seems to be going well
Life is still exciting
Therefor I am feeling good
And I feel like writing

The weather is good, the air feels fresh
The roses bloom in deep red
It rained a little, but now it stopped
It’s too early to go to bed

The “Rose of Sharon” is in full bloom
We planted it in memory of Frankie
There are many things when I look around
To remind me of Gerhard and Frankie

The garden looks green and beautiful
With dabs of colour thrown in
The Teahouse in the middle majestically
Beckons for you to come in

Come in, enjoy the serenity
of a quiet late afternoon
Hold out your glass, I fill it with wine
You will feel the enchantment soon.

Lydia Ehmcke


In Our Garden

The tall, tall tree sways slowly in the breeze
Blackbirds wander over the lawn
Robins take a sun bath in the sand
and meet at the bird bath for a drink and a splash
Chipmunks stand quite still and watch my every move
A black squirrel scampers up the apple tree
And a hummingbird takes his fill at the feeder
The sun shines on the red flowers
And makes them stand out like rubies
All is very quiet
Is there a better place to be
On a hot Saturday afternoon?

Lydia Ehmcke