Love, Love is all I need

Life is something precious
I have had it all my life
It started with my Grandmamma
When I was just a mite
My Mama loved me dearly
My Papa was real proud
My brothers did not show it much
But I know love was about
My friends loved being with me
My bosses full of praise
Along then came a young man
Who stole my heart away
We just had to be together
Every hour of the day
It was not normal, surely
Or was it love at play?
The love just grew and sprouted
We married finally
And had three lovely children
Who we loved instantly
As you live on you notice
The love just grows and grows
This must be life’s great motive
It takes away all woes
But then one day it happened
The love of my life went away
He left me without warning
How can I now cope every day
Well the memories stay with you
They give you strength to move on
The love will never leave you
If you try to pass it on
The Grandson now will share it
All my affection and love
The more you give, the more you get
That is important in love

Lydia Ehmcke
June 2014



I can write about a lot of things
My life is full of happenings
But this week’s theme was “Hunting”
I can write about how I found love
I can write about travel and stuff
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could write about my family
As they are so very dear to me
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could write about nature and spring
I could write about birds that sing
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could write about friends and caring
About companionship and sharing
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could write about flowers in bloom
Or how my garden looks in June
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could write about the sunshine bright
Or about the moon and stars by night
But this week’s theme is “Hunting”
I could tell you stories of my past
But I think your attention won’t last
Because the expected theme is “Hunting”

Lydia Ehmcke
June 2014

Life is Good

Life is good
even though some times are scary
Life is good
even though I might get wary
Life is good
when I am healthy
Life is good
when I am wealthy
Life is good
when there is love in it
Life is good
when families get together
when we enjoy all kinds of weather
Life is good
when you can hear a bird sing
Life is good
when you can still take part in everything

Lydia Ehmcke
June 2014


There are more than a million words at your disposal
There are words for each situation
There are beautiful words, difficult words and there are simple words
Words are tools to open your mind
Words are helpful if you need advice
Words are wonderful when they bring good news
Words are sweet when they speak of love
Words can be powerful, use them with care
Words can be hurtful, choose them wisely
words can express thanks, make them appreciative
Words can be soothing, say them with empathy
Words can be teaching tools, make them meaningful
Words can be joyful when you express happiness
You need words to tell a story
You need words to write poetry
You need words to communicate
You need words to be understood
Words make up the language
Our language is so versatile
A million words at your disposal
Let’s try to always use the right words

Lydia Ehmcke
April 2014


My daughter ‘phoned and told me
They were camping in Awenda Park
The weather was warm and sunny
The children full of spark

They stopped by the house for a short while
To fill their car with wood
Because they wanted a fire at night
As any good camper would

Camping is a summer thing
And they came all prepared
Bags and bags of stuff they brought
Their van was really layered

The first few days were lots of fun
They found a place, enjoyed it all
They went for walks, swam in the lake
And then the weather turned to Fall

I mean it rained and it got cold
And everyone got wet
The thunder and lightning were not good
Nobody wanted to go to bed.

One of them had a smart idea
“Let’s go to Oma instead”
She lives nearby, the house is warm
And she has empty beds

And so they came, what a surprise
Three grownups and three boys
I greeted them with open arms
They were grateful to have this choice

They were wet and cold, but happy
To have a dry place to stay
The house filed up with chatter
The camp came inside in a way

Next day the sun was shining
They tried the camp around noon
They finished their soap stone carvings
Packed up the wet things and went home

Lydia Ehmcke
August 2014

My Grandson (An Acrostic Poem)

Send the clouds away
Elevate your spirits
Before you know it
All your woes will be gone
Somebody special is coming
The sun will be shining
Inside and out
All will be well with the world
No more sadness or boredom

Apples he likes and climbing the trees
Left the house always a little sad
Earnestly looked at everything displayed
Xylophone he liked to play
Arranged all my little gift boxes
Noticed any little change I had made
Danger was a word he did not know
Elevated high and higher on the swing
Rode his tricycle daringly outside or in the garage

Glad I am that I have him
Excited I am when he comes to visit
Royalty could not feel better
Happy I am, full is my cup
All the people love him
Regardless if young or old
Daddy Gerhard would have been proud of him

Every time I se him
He has grown some more
My heart is filled with love
Caring and happiness surround me
Kind of when I had my own
Every child was a joy

Lydia Ehmcke
July 2014


Turquois is such a precious stone
My husband once gave me a ring
He had no idea of the measurement
So I could not wear the pretty thing

A friend once gave me a turquois cross
It was to bless me I think
The magic of it sure worked for me
I am happy and healthy and dressing in mink

Turquois is not just jewellery
It is also a colour for clothes
There are dresses and blouses to wear with style
I love my homemade sweater the most

To Barbados we went for a holiday
The turquois waters intrigued me
I went in swimming as much as I could
The magic was never to leave me

So turquois is always special to me
No matter wherever it shows
May it be in water or jewellery
Or in the colour of beautiful clothes

Lydia Ehmcke
July 2014