A Walk in the Park

Spring is here, I can see it ,there is a green shimmer on trees

Some crocuses are making a showing and the lake is full of geese

The seagulls are squeaking and cunning, they are looking for rare bits of food

The dogs are barking and running, to chase both species aloof

Spring is here, I can feel it, soft breezes ruffle my hair

The sun on my face is so healing, gone are dark days and despair

Spring is here I can feel it, the air is so fresh and so clean

The grass with the dew upon it, smells of earth just after the rain

Spring is here, I can hear it, the birds are singing a song

The squirrels are jumping and chattering and the children are coming along

You can hear their happy voices as they run and they laugh and they play

All winter this park has been quiet, I am glad the snow went away!

Lydia Ehmcke