Spring is in the Air by Lydia Ehmcke

Spring is in the air
Snow still covering the ground
The sky is dressed in a beautiful shade of blue
The sun is smiling his brightest smile ever
I decided to go for a walk
Never mind the puddles on the side walk
It is only March after all
Oh, how lovely the fresh air feels
How delighted I am to breathe it in deeply
It makes my heart expand with joy
How wonderful to be alive!


A Star by Lydia Ehmcke

In the writing group we were shown some objects, had to choose one and write about it in a set time of 5 minutes. This is my story.
Up in the sky at night I saw a beautiful star. It sparkled and looked as if it wanted to give me a message. One of my dear departed probably wants to tell me something. We used to look at those stars together and often marvelled at how beautiful they really were, but oh, so far away.
Nevertheless, we can see them on a clear night and enjoy their existence. Some of them might not be alive any more and we can still see them and enjoy them. Just so it is with our loved ones who departed, they still sparkle and give us pleasant memories.

Could my life be a sitcom? by Lydia Ehmcke

Could my life be a sitcom? I don’t think so! There is not enough funny stuff in it. My life has been real and down to earth, mostly normal.
When I think back, some things seem a little out of the ordinary, but nevertheless seemed normal at the time. Somebody could probably make a good movie out of it, because a lot of interesting things happened throughout my long life. But a sitcom it was not.
I took life seriously, I worked hard. I have some interesting hobbies like weaving, knitting, crocheting, gardening, writing, just to name a few.
I took up gliding when I was young to please my boyfriend, but it was not my cup of tea. In fact it was downright scary. I took up driving in later years, because there was never any need for it. The driver’s license I made at the age of 70. Now I don’t really need a car, I can walk almost everywhere. Shopping is a problem though, but often friends offer help.
I am not traveling far away any more, staying close to home. I am trying to make my home comfortable and inviting. I like having friends in and love it when my family visits.
This is my life. It is not a sitcom, where people come and go and do funny or extraordinary things to make other people laugh or cry.
Let’s stick to real life. It might not always be entertaining, but it let’s me be me and I like it that way.

Warning Label by Lydia Ehmcke

Which label can one put on oneself to warn people?
I mentioned my concern to my children and asked them separately, which label should I put on myself? What do you think?
They both had an answer ready right away.
My daughter said: “Handle with care! On second thought, lubricate well!”
That showed me her sense of humour.
My son offered: “Use gentle cycle.”
What does that tell me? They don’t really treat me with kid gloves, but they think I should be treated gently and nice. How thoughtful!
Well, I guess they know what I need and try not to upset me. They know what I like and act accordingly.
My own ideas of warning labels would be:
“She gets upset about unfairness.”
“Cannot stand swear words or bad language.”
“Cannot tolerate lies or even fibs.”
“Does not like unfulfilled promises.”
“Does not suffer fools lightly.”
“Oh, just handle with care!”


There once was a Lady of Wisdom
Who sat in a tent with her cards
I shyly went in for predictions
And came out with doubt in this art

I sat there in anticipation
When slowly she took hold of my hand
She read all the lines she was seeing
Nothing sounded bad in the end

She told me that life in the future
Would be happy, healthy and long
I would have three beautiful children
And nothing would really go wrong

She predicted a trip o’er the ocean
The land would be far, far away
I would have to learn a new language
But would easily adapt and then stay

I took her prophecies lightly
I was young and newly engaged
I had not thought of my future
This way and was a little outraged

I could not believe what she told me
It was out of this world for sure
I had never thought of leaving
My loved ones or my country once more

But shortly before we got married
My Gerhard suggested a change
Let’s go and try out Canada
I thought this really was strange

He eventually got his wishes
We arrived here in ’54
We settled and had three children
And were happy as never before

It was years later I remembered
What the gypsy predicted for me
I really flew over the ocean
And made family history


Prophecies can come true

Lydia Ehmcke

November 2015


If I was so inclined I could write a book on the subject, but I will just write a little essay of things that come to mind at this moment.
Children are a parent’s gift from heaven. There is no greater joy, no greater awe, when after nine months of waiting a baby enters the world and it is all yours. Everything in the lives of two people changes forever. Now you are no more just a couple but a family.
The little bundle of joy is now the topic of every day’s conversation. There is something new to report almost every day and as the weeks and months go by there are lots of “Firsts” to record in the baby book: First smile, first tooth, first word, first haircut, first sentence, first day of school etc., etc.
I remember an incident that happened to our Mark on his first Christmas. The table was set festively, candles lit and the baby lying on his blanket on the table to be near us. We were eating dessert when all of a sudden the baby turned over for the first time and rolled right into the whipped cream. While we were laughing and Mark licking his lips I realized that this was another step in his development and that from now on we could not leave him lying alone on top of anything.
Before you know it the little ones goes to school and make you proud with their achievements. They become teenagers and finally leave home. You have had them so close to you for eighteen years and all at once everything changes. They move away and go to University. When that happened to our first one I felt very lonely and missed him terribly.
It took a few weeks to get over that feeling. When after a few years the others left, it was not quite as bad. I missed them too, but not with such intensity. We used the telephone a lot to communicate.
Well, lots of things happened in the lives of our children while they grew up and they stay in my memory. They grew into responsible adults and I am proud of them. They care about their mother as she has cared about them all her life.
My children, they are the best and I love them.
Lydia Ehmcke
February 2015
PS. I looked through their baby albums and could not believe how small they ones were.

A House in a Village

There was a house in a village near where we lived that was of great interest to me.
It was a big farmhouse with lots of property around it. I guess you could call it an estate.
When I was a child I did not mind the walk to the big house to buy some milk. This milk was richer than the milk we bought at the store. But the main reason I went there was that I was intrigued by it. It was called “Gut Drei Linden”, relating to the trees that grew around it. (“The three linden”)
My grandmother had told me the story of the big house and the tragic circumstances surrounding it.
I was always listening to her stories and this one began:
The owners had a beautiful young daughter who fell in love with the hired hand. He wanted to marry her when she got pregnant, but the parents did not allow it. Somehow he was not good enough for their daughter. I always felt sorry for the young girl who was in love with a young man she could not have. I was drawn to the place, because there were other reasons as well.
This young woman gave birth to a baby girl on January 16th 1860 and died in childbirth. Her parents did not want the baby, so the young father took her home to his parents where she grew up.
This special baby was my grandmother! Her name was Anna.
This house in a village could have been my heritage, had it not been for the unkind parents of my great-grandmother.
Lydia Ehmcke